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A New Mind

Toward new research methods


To Renew the research methods by inventing new research models and tools, aiming to progress closer to the objective truths, and leading to a new image of knowledge and the human perception.


  1. Improve science and knowledge, by extending the scope, by adding a completely new scope to existing ones, or by inventing new fields for neglected subjects in the current scientific research.
  2. Surpass the conventional research and get into novel areas beyond our familiar imagination, and even get into what seems impossible under the current standards.


  1. Practice the methodological principles for A New Mind:
  2. Discussing any probable proposition that is based on scientific evidence must consider the following:

    1. Critique the evidence that the argument is based on and prove its lack of support and confirmation.
    2. Generate new counter evidence that refutes the probability of the proposition.

    Those conditions together need to be met to refute the probability of its truth. The scientific moral in this case is to accept the probable statement and treat it as a probable one when both of conditions are not met. Which means that only critiquing the evidence is not sufficient to rejecting, but the counter evidence condition must also be met, and then and only then the probability can be fully rejected.

  3. Give a new meaning for reason... It might initially be through dividing reason into different types (scientific, philosophical, social, spiritual and psychological, emotional), because reason has different capabilities, and to know it and utilize it better we need to identify the its capabilities to fully exploit it.

A Step Toward Science


  1. Inventing solutions for scientific problems, by tracking the gaps, deficiencies and problems that the current research is struggling with, and work on bridging the gaps and creating novel solutions for the problems and deficiencies.
  2. Discovering scientific interpretations for humanistic and religious subjects and questions.

The Human Dignity

The general vision:

  1. The human reason in itself and regardless of its affiliation is capable to get closer to the truth and generate new knowledge and science.
  2. All that is constructed by the human reason from sciences and knowledge must be exploited toward serving the humanity and protecting its dignity.
  3. The human essence and dignity are the genuine criteria in dealing with each other with what they have from mental and operational abilities, while bearing in mind their individual and social rights.

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